David M. Trubshaw: Exhibitions, Vita
David M. Trubshaw: Exhibitions


October Art Exhibition Blip, Portimão.
May Book Launch at the Souvereign Art Foundation 2018 Art Competition Finals,
Galeria de Arte - Lady in Red, Lagoa.
April Arte e Poesia Book published.


October Printing Press Worshops
August - Joined Algarve Artists Network
- Publication in AAN Magazine "Sardines in schools"
March-May Art Workshops in schools


September Exhibitions:
- Sardines Collages and Models, Galeria de Arte, Lagoa
- Silves City Hall
- Schools in Silves, Armação de Pêra, Messines
March-May Art Workshops in schools


October 10th-11th Art Exhibition at Blip, Portimão.
September Douro Vintage. Group Exhibition.
Museo das Caves, Santa Marta, Portugal.
June Publication of his book - "Haiku for You. A Celebration of the Four Seasons"
A collection of 21 paintings and prints with haiku poems.


David M. Trubshaw: Exhibitions David Trubshaw was born in England and moved to the Algarve, Portugal in 2004. He started to paint again, after many years and following private tuition under the expert eyes and professional guidance of two German artists, has now had several exhibitions in Portugal and Germany.

He paints both abstract and landscape, mainly in acrylic and has also started to design and produce his own hand-made prints, using oil and mixed media.
Trees and leaf structures feature in many of his paintings and prints and he admits he is "Intrigued by trees, their shapes, textures and leaf patterns and how they blend, mould and merge with the landscape. Even dead plants and fallen leaves have a unique structure and design." Perhaps this has something to do with his early ancestors whose name
"Trobeshawe" has been traced to Saxon times and comes from the Saxon words "trobe" (tree) and "shawe" (shade.)

He also writes poetry, especially Haiku, the Japanese style, which aims to capture, in three short lines, a feeling and evoke images of nature. He has recently published a book of his paintings and poems - "Haiku for You. A Celebration of the Four Seasons".

Past Exhibitions

Sept. 2014 Douro Vintage, Group exhibition, Museo das Caves Santa Marta, Portugal
Aug./Sept. 2014 Printing Press Seminars, Lagoa and Armacao de Pera, Portugal
Oct. 2013 Group exhibition, Caramujeira, Lagoa, Portugal
June 2013 Group exhibition, Art by the Lake, Estombar, Portugal
May 2013 Printing Press Seminars, Armacao de Pera, Portugal
Sept. 2012 Open Studio, Caramujeira, Lagoa, Portugal
Aug. 2012 Arte Algarve V, Lagoa, Portugal
May 2012 Group exhibition Galerie 681 , Cologne, Germany
Oct. 2011 Group exhibition with Kerstin Wagner, Convento de S. Jose, Lagoa, Portugal
Sept. 2011 Open Studio, Caramujeira, Lagoa, Portugal

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